List of 183 biblical names starting with b

Here is the list of biblical names starting with b and biblical boy names and biblical girl names, classic biblical baby names, biblical girl names starting with b. Biblical baby names start with b letter Baal,-master; …

biblical names starting with b
Here is the list of biblical names starting with b and biblical boy names and biblical girl names, classic biblical baby names, biblical girl names starting with b.

biblical names starting with b

Biblical baby names start with b letter

  1. Baal,-master; lord
  2. Baalah,-her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse
  3. Baalath, a rejoicing; our proud lord
  4. Baalath-beer, subjected pit
  5. Baal-berith, idol of the covenant
  6. Baale,-same as Baalath
  7. Baal-gad, idol of fortune or felicity
  8. Baal-hamon, who rules a crowd
  9. Baal-hermon, possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed
  10. Baali, my idol; lord over me
  11. Baalim,-idols; masters; false gods
  12. Baalis, a rejoicing; a proud lord
  13. Baal-meon, idol or master of the house
  14. Baal-peor, master of the opening
  15. Baal-perazim, god of divisions
  16. Baal-shalisha, the god that presides over three; the third idol
  17. Baal-tamar, master of the palm-tree
  18. Baal-zebub, god of the fly
  19. Baal-zephon, the idol or possession of the north; hidden; secret
  20. Baanah, in the answer; in affliction
  21. Baara, a flame; purging
  22. Baaseiah, in making; in pressing together
  23. Baasha, he that seeks, or lays waste
  24. Babel, confusion; mixture
  25. Babylon, same as Babel
  26. Baca, a mulberry-tree
  27. Bahurim, choice; warlike; valiant
  28. Bajith, a house
  29. Balaam, the ancient of the people; the destruction of the people
  30. Baladan, one without judgment
  31. Balak, who lays waste or destroys
  32. Bamah, an eminence or high place
  33. Barabbas, son of shame, confusion
  34. Barachel, that bows before God
  35. Barachias, same as Barachel
  36. Barak, thunder, or in vain
  37. Barjesus, son of Jesus or Joshua
  38. Barjona, son of a Jona; of a dove
  39. Barnabas, son of the prophet, or of consolation
  40. Barsabas, son of return; son of rest
  41. Bartholomew, a son that suspends the waters
  42. Bartimeus, son of the honorable
  43. Baruch, who is blessed
  44. Barzillai, son of contempt; made of iron
  45. Bashan, in the tooth, in ivory
  46. Bashemath, perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation
  47. Bathsheba, the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety
  48. Bathsuha, same as Bathsheba
  49. Bealiah, the god of an idol; in an assembly
  50. Bealoth, cast under
  51. Bebai, void, empty
  52. Becher, first begotten; first fruits
  53. Bechorath, first fruits
  54. Bedad, alone; solitary
  55. Bedaiah, Bedeiah, the only Lord
  56. Bedan, according to judgment
  57. Beeliada, an open idol
  58. Beelzebub, same as Baalzebub
  59. Beer, a well
  60. Beera, a well; declaring
  61. Beerelim, the well of Elim, or of rains
  62. Beeri, my well
  63. Beer-lahai-roi, the well of him that liveth and seeth me
  64. Beeroth, wells; explaining
  65. Beersheba, the well of an oath; the seventh well
  66. Behemoth, beasts
  67. Bekah, half a shekel
  68. Belah, destroying
  69. Belial, wicked, worthless
  70. Belshazzar, master of the treasure
  71. Belteshazzar, who lays up treasures in secret
  72. Ben, a son
  73. Benaiah, son of the Lord
  74. Ben-ammi, son of my people
  75. Beneberak, sons of lightning
  76. Bene-jaakan, sons of sorrow
  77. Benhadad, son of Hadad, or noise
  78. Benhail, son of strength
  79. Benhanan, son of grace
  80. Benjamin, son of the right hand
  81. Benimi, our sons
  82. Beno, his son
  83. Benoni, son of my sorrow, or pain
  84. Benzoheth, son of separation
  85. Beon, in affliction
  86. Beor, burning; foolish; mad
  87. Bera, a well; declaring
  88. Berachah, blessing; bending the knee
  89. Berachiah, speaking well of the Lord
  90. Beraiah, the choosing of the Lord
  91. Berea, heavy; weighty
  92. Bered, hail
  93. Beri, my son; my corn
  94. Beriah, in fellowship; in envy
  95. Berith, covenant
  96. Bernice, one that brings victory
  97. Berodach-baladan, the son of death
  98. Berothai, wells; a cypress
  99. Berothath, of a well
  100. Besai, a despising; dirty
  101. Besodeiah, counsel of the Lord
  102. Besor, glad news; incarnation
  103. Betah, confidence
  104. Beten, belly
  105. Bethabara, the house of confidence
  106. Bethanath, house of affliction
  107. Bethany, the house of song; the house of affliction
  108. Betharabah, house of sweet smell
  109. Beth-aram, house of height
  110. Beth-aven, the house of vanity; of iniquity of trouble
  111. Beth-azmaveth, house of death’s strength
  112. Beth-baalmeon, an idol of the dwelling-place
  113. Beth-barah, the chosen house
  114. Beth-birei, the house of my Creator, the house of my health
  115. Beth-car, the house of the lamb
  116. Beth-dagon, the house of corn, or of fish
  117. Beth-diblathaim, house of dry figs
  118. Beth-el, the house of God
  119. Bethemek, house of deepness
  120. Bether, division, or in the trial
  121. Bethesda, house of pity or mercy
  122. Beth-ezal, a neighbor’s house
  123. Beth-gader, a house for a mouse
  124. Beth-gamul, house of recompense, or of the camel
  125. Beth-haccerem, house of the vineyard
  126. Beth-haran, house of grace
  127. Beth-horon, house of wrath
  128. Beth-lebaoth, house of lionesses
  129. Beth-lehem, house of bread
  130. Beth-marcaboth, house of bitterness wiped out
  131. Beth-meon, house of the dwelling-place
  132. Beth-nimrah, house of rebellion
  133. Beth-palet, house of expulsion
  134. Beth-pazzez, house of dividing asunder
  135. Beth-peor, house of gaping, or opening
  136. Bethphage, house of my month, or of early figs
  137. Beth-phelet, same as Beth-palet
  138. Beth-rapha, house of health
  139. Bethsaida, house of fruits, or of food, or of snares
  140. Bethshan, Beth-shean, house of the tooth, or of ivory, or of sleep
  141. Beth-shemesh, house of the sun
  142. Bethuel, filiation of God
  143. Beth-zur, house of a rock
  144. Betonim, bellies
  145. Beulah, married
  146. Bezai, eggs
  147. Bezaleel, in the shadow of God
  148. Bezek, lightning; in the chains
  149. Bezer, vine branches
  150. Bichri, first-born; first fruits
  151. Bidkar, in compunction, or sharp pain
  152. Bigthan, in the press; giving meat
  153. Bigvai, in my body
  154. Bildad, old friendship
  155. Bileam, the ancient of the people; the devourer
  156. Bilgah, ancient countenance
  157. Bilhah, Bilhan, who is old or confused
  158. Bilshan, in the tongue
  159. Binea, son of the Lord
  160. Binnui, building
  161. Birsha, an evil; a son who beholds
  162. Bishlam, in peace
  163. Bithiah, daughter of the Lord
  164. Bithron, divisions
  165. Bithynia, violent precipitation
  166. Bizjothjah, despite
  167. Blastus, that buds or brings forth
  168. Boanerges, son of thunder
  169. Boaz, or Booz, in strength
  170. Bocheru, the first born
  171. Bochim, the place of weeping; or of mulberry-trees
  172. Bohan, in them
  173. Boskath, in poverty
  174. Boson, taking away
  175. Bozez, mud; bog
  176. Bozrah, in tribulation or distress
  177. Bukki, void
  178. Bukkiah, the dissipation of the Lord
  179. Bul, old age; perishing
  180. Bunah, building; understanding
  181. Bunni, building me
  182. Buz, despised; plundered
  183. Buzi, my contempt


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