Hindu boy names list 2023 A to Z Letters with meanings

You have an adorable baby boy in your home and you are tired of searching everywhere for your baby name but still have not found any cool unique name for your little boy then we …

Hindu baby boy names 2023 list A to Z Letters

You have an adorable baby boy in your home and you are tired of searching everywhere for your baby name but still have not found any cool unique name for your little boy then we are here to help you.

Below we have published a list of Hindu boy names in 2023 for you and we hope that from this post you will find the best name for your baby boy.


Hindu baby boy names 2023 list A to Z Letters with meanings

Hindu baby boy names 2023 list A to Z Letters


Hindu boy names starting with A


1. Aadavan -Bring sunshine into your son’s life by naming him Aadavan, which means’sun’.

2. Aadi means “adornment,” “beginning,” “perfect,” “most important,” “ornament,” “unrivaled,” and “first.”

3. Aahan – One of the most popular Hindu baby boy names in 2018 is Aahan. It denotes

‘Dawn, morning glory,’ they say.

4. Aahir – Stunning

5. Aakil – Intelligent and perceptive

6. Aarnav-Ocean, Air, Sun, Wave, Stream, Sea

7. Aarush – The Sun’s First Ray, Calm, Red, and Brilliant, Another Name for the Sun

8. Aayu – Aayu, which means “life span,” is a lovely name for a child. A name with a lot of vowels.

9. Aayush – Long-lived, one who lives a long time

10. Adwait – The word itself means “unusual,” making this one of the most unusual Hindu names.

names for a baby boy

11. Agraga – Give your child the gift of leadership by naming him Agraga. which means ‘chief’.

12. Ahan – Ahan means ‘dawn’ in the natural world.

13. Ahil – This name, which means “prince,” has gained popularity thanks to Salman. Ahil, Khan’s nephew.

14. Aryan – This is a popular Hindu baby boy name that means “noble.”


Hindu boy names starting with B

15. Bachittar – A person endowed with extraordinary abilities.

16. Bahadurjit – The Brave Victory

17. Bahul -‘star,’ ‘brightness’

18. Baladhi – A person with deep insight

19. Balan means ‘young’ or ‘youthful.’

20. Balhaar – Surrounded by power

21. Balveer – Great Strength or Powerful

22. Chahan – This means’superior.’

23. Chaital – This name means ‘consciousness.’

24. Chaitan means ‘consciousness, perception, life, and vitality.’

25. Chakor – A Moon-obsessed bird

26. Chakshu translates as ‘eye.’

27. Chatura – Wise or Clever?


Hindu boy names starting with D

28. Daksh – Capable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent, Vigorous


29. Dev – God, King, light, heavenly, Cloud

30. Devansh – Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod

31. Dhruv – Pole star, Immovable, Eternal, Firm, Steady

32. Dhvan – Humming

33. Divyansh – Someone who is divine, full of light


Hindu boy names starting with E

34. Ekadanta – Another name for Lord Ganesha

35. Ekaksh – This one means ‘one-eyed’ or Lord Shiva

36. Ekalavya – This name means ‘a devout student’, ‘keen observer’

37. Ekant – ‘Solitary’

38. Ekavir – Bravest of the brave

39. Erish – meaning ‘to cherish’, will teach your child to value every big and small things in life.

40. Eshan – Another name for God Shiva


Hindu boy names starting with F

41. Faiyaz – ‘leader’, ‘judge’, ‘artistic’

42. Fanish – Another name for Lord Shiva

43. Faqid – One who Knows Law and Divinity

44. Faraj – Cure, remedy; improvement

45. Farhan – Glad, Joyful, Happy

46. Fravash – ‘protector’


Hindu boy names starting with G

47. Galav – Galav is an uncommon botanical name, meaning ‘bark of lotus tree’.

48. Gaman -Gaman is a classic-sounding name, meaning ‘undergoing, attaining’.

49. Gana -Pay tribute to Lord Shiva by naming your son Gana, which means ‘tribe or group’.

50. Ganak – Ganak has an unusual appeal that makes every parent swoon. It means ‘mathematician or one who calculates’.

51. Gaoushik -Gaoushik is one of the rarely heard names of Lord Buddha.


Hindu boy names starting with H

52. Hansh – ‘all-powerful’ like God

53. Hari – ‘Joy,’ ‘Excitement

54. Hariaksh – Lord Shiva’s unique name is Hariaksh.

55. Harij – Harij is a thoughtful name that means ‘horizon’.

56. Harikiran – ‘God’s Light’

57. Harin – Harin, which means “pure,” is gradually making its way into the mainstream.

58. Hemang – One with a gleaming body

59. ‘The Moon’ by Hemanshu

Hindu boy names starting with I

60. Ibhan – Lord Ganesha’s practical and timeless name is Ibhan.

61. Idhayan – Idhayan is a lovely name with a distinct ring to it. It means ‘heart joy’.

62. Ihit -Ihit is a playful and lighthearted name, meaning ‘prize or honour’.

63. Ijay – The name Ijay is derived from Hindu mythology. ‘Lord Vishnu’ is what it means.

64. Ikshan – Ikshan is a Sanskrit noun referring to ‘sight or superintendence’.

65. Indrajit – Someone who has defeated Lord Indra.

66. Ishaan – Another of the most popular Hindu baby boy names. It is yet another Lord Shiva’s name, which means “the sun” and “harbinger of wealth.”

67. Ivan – This name means “leader,” “royal,” or “regal.”


Hindu boy names starting with J and K

68. Jagesh – One who has conquered the world

69. Jai – ‘victory’ or ‘triumphant’

70. Jayesh – A victor, a victorious person

71. Jogesha – Jogesha is a variant of Yogesh, which means ‘The Lord of Yoga’.

72. Joshit – Joshit, which means “pleased, delighted,” is a sweet and powerful name.


73. Kaanishk – Lord Vishnu’s vehicle was named Kaanishk.

74. Kahan – One of Lord Krishna’s names is Kahan.

75. Kalagya – Kalagya is a term used to describe an astrologer or someone skilled in astrology. arts’.

76. Kalash means “blessed pot.”

77. Kalin – Give your child the name Kalin, which means “success.” ‘thriving, or rapidly and successfully developing.

78. Kalita -Kalita is an ancient Sanskrit word, which means ‘made or formed’.

79. Kalpit – “creative,” “artistic,” “imaginative”

80. Kama – Lakshmi’s son is named after the Hindu god of love, Kama.

81. Kiaan – ‘kind’, ‘generous’


Hindu boy names starting with L

82. Laban – White

83. Laksh – Location

84. Lakshay – Aim, Target, and Goal

85. Lakshay – Someone who has focus, direction, and sharpness.

86.Lakshit – “nonviolent”

87. Lehan – A person who refuses

88. Likhit-‘Written’ by

89. Lohit – Red or Copper Made

90. Lohith – “Red,” “Made of Copper,” and “Mars”

91. Lokesh – ‘King of the World’


Hindu boy names starting with M

92. Maahir – A skilled individual

93. Maanav – “to be human,” “to be compassionate”

94. Manbir – From the heart, brave

95. Manthan – Studying for Reflection

96. Mitesh – A man with few desires

97. Mitul -‘moderate,’ ‘balanced’

98. Mohammed – Arab prophet and Islamic founder

99. Mohit – ‘Attracted,’ ensnarled by beauty


Hindu boy names starting with N

100. Nachiket – The spirit of unquenchable thirst for the unknown, fire. which is undetected

101. Nadin – River Lord

102. Nakul – the most handsome member of the family

103. Naveen – Lovely, pleasant, and always new

104. Neel – Shiva’s other name, which also means “passionate.”

105. Neerav – ‘quiet,”soft’

106. Nehal – Attractive

107. Nihal – happy or successful

108. Nishith – “sharp,” “witty,” “well-prepared,” “midnight”

109. Nitesh – Earth’s Heartbeat


Hindu boy names starting with O

110. Ohas – a person who is ‘appreciated’

111. Ojas – someone who is full of energy

112. Om – A mystic syllable that is revered as the most sacred mantra in Hinduism. Buddhist teachings from Tibet

113. Omkaar – The sacred syllable or religious word OM’s sound.

114. Onir -is a beautiful Hindu baby boy name that means “shining.”

115. Onkar – The most pure


Hindu boy names starting with P


116. Panna – Panna is a Hindi name that means “emerald” or “having the qualities of an emerald.”

117. Panshul – ‘fragrant,”sweet smelling’

118. Paras – A mystical stone thought to convert base metals to gold.

119. parav – Another word for’sage’ or ‘ancient one.’

120. Parth – Ruler and star

121. Parthiv – Parthiv, which means “royal,” is a fitting name for your little prince.

122. Posha – Any parent would want their child to see “growth and prosperity” in their life. Regardless of what they do.

123. Poshit – Don’t you think Poshit sounds like a royal? It translates as ‘nourished’.

124. Prajeshvara – Prajeshvara, which means “lord of the creatures,” has a mysterious aura about him.

125. Pranay – Pranay is an extremely lovable name, meaning ‘affection or love’.

126. Pratik – Pratik means’symbol or image,’ and is an ideal name for artistic parents.

127. Pravir -This name’s rhythmic quality will set it apart from the crowd.

128. Pravir means ‘brave’ in Hindi.

128. Prayan -Prayan means ‘progress or beginning’.

129. Punit -Punit is a lovely name with a vintage feel to it. It means ‘cleansed or purified’.

130. Purav – Stay on trend with directional names by naming your son Purav. which means ‘to the east’.

131. Purnit – Purnit is a cool name that means ‘complete’.


Hindu boy names starting with R

132. Rahasya -Those who enjoy mystery and adventure will enjoy the

133. Rakshan -which means ‘protector or preservation,’ is the 928th name of the Hindu pantheon. Vishnu, Lord.

134. Raktim – Raktim is a strong and direct name that means ‘vibrant or red’.

135. Ranbir – The valiant warrior

136. Ranbir – Someone who is “strong,” “warrior,” or “brave.”

137. Ranveer – the battle’s hero

138. Rasajja -Rasajja, which means “one who understands the rasas,” is a valuable and rare gem.

139. Reyansh – This literally means “ray of light.”

140. Reyansh – Light ray, Vishnu, or brightness

141. Ridhaan – Ridhaan means hunter.

142. Rushil – Adorable

143. Ryan – King’s descendant


Hindu boy names starting with S, T, U

144. Saaket – Someone with the same intent as Lord Krishna.

145. Sai – A dagger with two sharp prongs curving outward from the hilt originated in Japan. Okinawa, and is occasionally used in pairs in martial arts.

146. Saksham – Knowledgeable

147. Samar – the night’s darkness

148. Siddharth – A person who has achieved a goal.

149. Simar – Literally, “God’s Favorite.”


150. Taarush – conqueror or victorious person

151. Taha – ‘pure’ or’skillful’

152. Taimur – A’strong’ or ‘brave’ person

153. Tala – Literally,’slapping one’s hands together or against one’s arm, melody,’ or dance’ is Lord Shiva’s 358th name.

154. Tanay means ‘dear’ or ‘beloved.’

155. Tarakshya – Tarakshya is also one of Lord Shiva’s names. It literally means “gold.” bird, horse, or snake’.

156. Taral – Taral is a soft and lilting name that means ‘liquid’.

157. Taras – Taras, which means ‘energetic or strength,’ is ideal for a rough and tough personality. Gentleman, young man.

158. Tatpara – Tatpara, which means “deeply engrossed,” is one of Lord Shiva’s names. Ganesha, because He enjoys meditation.

159. Tavisa – This Sanskrit origin name, which means’strong, energetic,’ is still popular. in terms of popularity.

160. Tavish – Tavish, which means “courageous, strong, gold,” packs a powerful punch.

161. Tavya – Tavya, which means “strong,” has a rockstar vibe to it.

162. Tejas – Sharpness, Lustre, and Brilliance

163. Tejasvat – This prestigious Sanskrit name means “bright, glorious, and glorious.” energy’

164. Tushar -‘mist,’ water droplets, or snow

165. Uchit is a masculine name that is also known as ‘proper’ or ‘appropriate.’

166. Udarsh – ‘brimming’

167. Uday – A warrior who is the first to rise, rising, sunrise, and appearance

168. Ujesh – It’s safe to say that this uncommon name is one-of-a-kind. Ujesh denotes ‘conquering’.

169. Urjit – Urjit, which means ‘energised or powerful,’ will provide your son with a daily dose of energy.

170. Uthkarsh means ‘excellence’ or ‘perfection.’


Hindu boy names starting with V, W, Z

171. Vaasu – In Hinduism, it means ‘wealth.’

172. Vaayu – Wind, breeze, or heavenly

173. Vachan – This name means “declaration, promise, speech.”

174. Vagesh – A god of speech.

175. Vaibhav -‘majestic,’ ‘ethical,’ or on the right track

176. Varenya – Names that end in ‘ya’ have a soft and wonderful ring to them.

177. Vasud – Vasud is Lord Vishnu’s 269th name and another name for Kubera. It ‘Granting wealth’ is a phrase.

178. Vaydhish – Once popular decades ago, Vaydhish, which means “lord of the Vedas,” is now all but extinct. set to make a comeback.

179. Vedhas – Vedhas means ‘worshipper of Gods or wise and learned man’. A well-known Harishchandra’s father bears this name.

180. Viaan – The name Viaan is ‘full of life and energy,’ just like its meaning.

181. Viaan – It is a modern Hindu baby boy name that literally means “victory.” means brimming with life and energy

182. Vidyot – According to the Purana, Vidyot was Dharma’s son and Sthanayitnu’s father. It refers to a ‘flash of light or lightning’.

183. Vihaan – A Hindi word for “morning.”

184. Dawn – Vihan

185. Vijna – Vijna has a unique twist that every mother will appreciate. ‘Wisdom or intelligence’ is what it means.

186. Vicky – The meaning of name Vicky is “conqueror, victorious”.

187. Viraaj – Viraaj, which means “brilliant, shining,” is a fantastic name to give your child.

188. Viswaroopin – If you like names with a strong 80s influence, Viswaroopin, which means ‘appearing in various forms,’ is ideal.

189. Vivaan – A different name for Krishna.

190. Vrnda – Vrnda, which means “powerful or skilled,” is one of Lord Krishna’s names.

191. Vyan – This cool name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘vyAna,’ which means “beautiful.”‘Breath or life-giving’.

192Wahab – servant of the all-giving

193 Wridesh – the blessed

194. Yakshit – Made for eternity, permanent

195. Zeehan – brilliance, brightness, white

196. Zian – Self-sufficiency

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